Time to kiss my mo’ goodbye. Final Mo-gress update!

I say this with a certain sense of excitement (I have to admit, when you’re not used to having a rug on your lip all the time it can be quite annoying). At the same time, though, I’m actually kind of sad to see her go.

I would keep her around a little while longer, but it’s really not cool to have a stache when it’s not Movember, unless you’re Tom Selleck or Ron Burgundy. I digress.

Here is my final Mo-gress update, in all its heavenly glory. Details on donations below!

This is also your last chance to donate! If you would like to support the mo’, in its final day, donations to myself or our team, the EdelMen are always appreciated :). Good Karma awaits you, friends.

I will post one final update once she’s gone with a thank you note to everyone who contributed to the cause. Stay tuned!