In the age of Pinterest the images you choose for your blog posts are more important than ever before

Want your blog to get more traffic from Pinterest? Want Pinterest users who are reading your blog to pin your blog images to their own boards? Yes, of course you do! That’s why it is more important now than ever before to choose great images for your blog posts.

With Pinterest blowing up this year and growing to be the number three social network (by user count) in the U.S. as of April (soon to surpass Twitter as number two?), it’s no wonder people are talking about it. It’s even less of a wonder that brands and marketers are finding ways to tap in to Pinterest as another way to reach their target audiences, and engage with them. Pinterest now drives more referral traffic to blogs than Twitter, and more than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined!

Given its power which has been proven time and time again, it’s obvious that we can pretty much all (read: all, if it makes sense for your business – not all businesses will benefit), people and brands alike, make use of Pinterest to increase traffic to our blogs (websites, etc., too of course, but this post is about blogs!). Even more so if our brand, service, or topic is visual, of course.

So what is the key? Good images!

Good images do the following:

Tell the story, or elude to what the story is all about. Kind of like the headline or post title, users should be able to get a sense of what the story is just by looking at your lead image. If your images don’t convey the message of your post it will confuse people, and result in a higher bounce rate. If a user clicks your image that has been pinned (by you, or anyone on Pinterest) because they think they are going to a site about ponies, but get to your blog only to discover it’s all about cars (obscure example, I know) they aren’t going to stick around.

Bring about emotion in people. It could make them laugh, cry, get angry, it doesn’t really matter what emotion it brings out. The key is that it makes people feel something.

Entertain. If it’s a funny, interesting, unique, or just generally entertaining photo, people will  want to share it, and those with whom they are sharing it will want to click on it!

Overall, you should be able to answer the question “is my image interesting enough on its own to catch peoples’ attention?” with all of your blog images. If you can’t confidently answer that with a big “yes!” then you may want to consider another image or images.

One last thought
Now that you’ve got your image situation sorted and are going to have killer images to accompany all of your posts moving forward, there is one other really easy to implement item you should consider: the “Pin It” button.

Just like other social share buttons (such as the Twitter and Facebook ones, for example), the “Pin It” button allows users to easily share your image (and therefore your blog) with their Pinterest followers. It also gives them a little visual nudge/reminder to give it a pin, increasing the likelihood that it will get pinned.

What do you think makes an image pin-worthy? What types of images are you pinning most? Add your tips in the comments!