How many Twitter lists am I on? (One way of finding out…)

Ever since the latest Twitter update, you may find yourself wondering: how many lists am I on? For whatever reason, the latest version of doesn’t want you to be able to see how many lists you’re on easily (or they forgot to include that feature. Either way, it bites). You could just go to your profile, click on “Lists”, then click on “Member of” and count them all, but that could be time consuming or impossible even, depending how many lists you are on (see below if this interests you):

(Click to view larger)

This won’t be ideal for many of you, but one way that I’ve found, and it works like a charm, is through TweetDeck (the Chrome app, or the .com site). If you click on any handle, including your own, in TweetDeck, it brings up a screen like the one you see below:

(Click to view larger)

Then you just have a gander to the right side of this pop-up screen, and voila! You can see how many lists you’re on!

Do you have any tips for seeing how many lists you’re on? Let me know in the comments!