Business blogging with personality, tip# 2: Pass the pen

A great way to add some personality to your corporate blog is to have multiple people writing and sharing stories – through their own points-of-view.

Start by figuring out who the “thought leaders” (yea I know, it’s an aging term) are in your organization – these are the people that readers will care most to hear from (aside from the corporate heads, of course). A thought leader may be a manager of a certain division within your company – someone who has worked in their sector for 10+ years, and ideally is already known and respected within their industry.

Of course, your organization’s thought leaders aren’t the only people that you should have contributing to your corporate blog. Your junior staff may very well have some leading-edge, game changing ideas too, so be sure to give them a chance to write and share their thoughts as well.

Once you’ve determined who you would like to have contributing to the blog, present them with the opportunity to write a weekly, monthly, bi-annual (whatever the case may be that best suits your needs) blog post. Allow them to write in their own words, and editing must only be for grammatical and spelling errors – do not alter their message.

If your blog features regular posts from various members of your staff, personality will automatically be “injected” through the different ideas and points-of-view that each of them present. If done right, your blog may even become a resource for people interested in learning more about your industry, and can lead to new business opportunities. It will drive traffic to your website, that I can guarantee.

It will also help retain readers and keep them coming back to your blog, as people will enjoy learning from multiple writers. So go ahead and pass the pen!

Thank you for reading and be sure to add your own blogging tips for businesses and other thoughts in the comments!