Business blogging with personality, tip #1: Write in a conversational style

As you’ve probably figured out already, a corporate blog can have several benefits to your company. Before we dive into the article and how to add personality to your blog through conversational writing, let’s take a moment to reflect on a few of those great benefits. If done right, a corporate blog will:

  • Give your company a boost in search engine rank
  • Help position you and your business/brand as a thought-leader in your particular industry
  • Provide a channel for communicating in a crisis situation – and instantly
  • Give you valuable insight into what people think about you and your brand
  • Help engage with clients/customers and build better relationships with them
  • Give your clients/customers another avenue to find information about your business
  • Give personality to your brand

Most important of all of the points listed above, a corporate blog will give your brand a personality – if you do it right, that is. Not only is personality a benefit to you, but it’s also key to your blog’s success. It’s a major factor in attracting readers, getting them to comment, and keeping them engaged!

After all, if they wanted to hear from the same ol’ talking head they would check out your corporate website, read your quotes in the paper, or turn on their TV news to see your interview – that’s not what blogging is about.

The focus of your corporate blog should no doubt be business and the industry that you operate in – that’s a given. But please, for the love of the Internet Gods, don’t be a talking head on your blog!

So, how do you inject a little personality in to your corporate blog? There are a number of ways, but today we will focus on one way that is easy and proven…

Write in a conversational style

Everything you write on your blog should be written in a conversational style. Yes, everything, whether it be an opinion piece, or a tid-bit of company news. It should read as if it were written off the cuff – grammar and spelling are still key, though, so be sure to edit it with a fine-toothed comb before publishing! If it comes across as scripted and over-thought it will surely bore your readers and lose them within the first paragraph.

Some tips for writing in a conversational style:

  • Use contractions – it’s human and will come across that way. There’s no harm in saying “there’s” instead of “there is”. After all, we all use contractions when we’re talking, right?
  • No fluff! –Keep your sentences succinct and to the point, and avoid fluff words and filler.
  • K.I.S.S. – I’m sure you can write a mean essay, but your blog isn’t strictly for the educated elite – it’s for everyone – Keep it Simple! Avoid words that confuse your readers such as “blandiloquent” (which apparently means to speak in a flattering manner – I just looked it up) and stick to the basics of the English language.
  • Use the active voice – after all, this is how we speak most of the time, in conversation. Instead of “a partnership was formed”, use “we formed a partnership”.
  • Write in the first person – “today I was in a meeting that…”, and refer to your readers as “you” – “as youmay have noticed…” This will give your readers the sense that you are speaking directly with them, as opposed to talking at them. It will also help create the story, which will keep your readers attentive.

If you start by writing everything in a conversational style you will be well on your way to giving your blog, and therefore brand, a personality. Check back in the coming weeks for other tips on giving your blog personality.

Thank you for reading and be sure to add your own blogging tips for businesses and other thoughts in the comments!