Hello (again) world!

I remember when I first started blogging with my WordPress.com account, there was a default blog posting to help get me started entitled “Hello world!”. A great starting point for a noobie blogger, indeed.

Well, since my blog has been on hiatus so long, and I’m feeling like a bit of a noob again just looking at my site’s backend (yes, it is a disaster), I decided I should re-introduce myself to everyone. So, here you have it: “Hello (again) world!”

I tend to be very sporadic in my writing habits in more ways than one. Firstly, while I do feel I need to be writing more and certainly sharing more of what I do write, there is no “frequency” on this blog. Secondly, while this doesn’t do me any favours as a blogger, I don’t have a niche or focus. 90 per cent of my postings are thoughts that came to me only hours, even just minutes, before I write and share them. In other words, I write about any and everything.

That said, you have to offer your readers something, so I’m always looking to share knowledge with them, inspire them, make them smile, and most importantly give them a reason to come back. Oh, and I’m always listening and love to share points of view, so please do feel free to comment!