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#Kapow!While I’m certainly no expert, I do consider myself to be up to speed on the latest trends in social media. That said, I can definitely say this for myself; it is a constant challenge, every day, for me to understand the latest in people’s digital communication habits.

One thing that I used to understand was the use of hashtags. Like everything else social media, however, it would appear as though the use of hashtags is evolving too.

Lately I’ve been seeing so many random hashtags that I’m finding myself wondering again: am I lost and falling behind? Am I missing something?

To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about, here are just a few examples of some really far out there, and seemingly pointless (also some very offensive and hateful) hashtags that I’ve come across recently:

The random:

And, the depressing /  hateful:

And this is just a small sampling. There’s an endless supply of completely random, and useless (at least to my knowledge) hashtags floating through cyber-space at this very moment.

Now, Im not saying that this is right or wrong, as again, I’m not an expert. I’m really just hoping that you can help shed some light on this for me. If you’re a hyper-tagger I want to hear from you. What motivates you to hashtag everything you say? What benefits do you feel you reap from this? Leave comments below!

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Thank you for reading what I have to say today. Signing off, this is Adam Weitner