Can you see the real me?

This past Tuesday I attended Third Tuesday Toronto (#TTT for those on Twitter), an event hosted by Thornley Fallis Marketing Communications. Their guest speaker was Mitch Joel (@mitchjoel), who came to talk to us about “personal brand”.

A big point of his presentation that really resonated with me was when he told us to be ourselves online. Whether it’s your website, blog, or your Facebook profile, your online persona should be a reflection of the “real you”.

I have always done my best to be as transparent as possible in anything that I do online. I never say anything that I wouldn’t in “real life”, and try to be as diplomatic as possible when being at all controversial.

I think that my online presence matches very well with who I really am, but do you? If you know me in person, I ask you to please leave your feedback on this. When you read my blog posts, or visit my website, do you see the real me? If not it is crucial that you tell me now! The last thing that I want to do is project a false image, and would like to correct that right away, if I am.

I also ask both those who do, and those who don’t know me to give their thoughts on being the “real you” online. What if you have opinions, let’s say political for sake of example, that you fear may be looked down upon by your employer, or potential employers. Do you share those thoughts online? What kind of discretion do you use when writing something on your blog?

Any and all thoughts are appreciated!

The video below is completely unrelated to this post, but the headline made me think of this great song (bear with it, the song picks up at 1:00) ENJOY!:

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Thank you for reading what I have to say today. Signing off, this is Adam Weitner