The drop-in office: when your home computer room just doesn’t cut it

Entrepreneurs of all kinds are doubling up on the use of their home and calling it their office too. And why not? With the cost of virtually everything from staplers to paper on the rise, the last thing a small, solo operated business needs is more damage to its bottom-line. Overhead cost, for many, has to be kept to a minimal in order to remain profitable. The home office is certainly a HUGE way to reduce overhead.

Sometimes, however, your home office just doesn’t cut it. For starters, holding meetings at home for most isn’t feasible, nor does it display a very professional image in dealing with clients. Secondly, you’re a busy sales consultant who is often on the go. You are running from place to place to pitch a product or give presentations. With a gap in between presentations it sure would be nice to get a few things done, but home is on the far other side of the city and you need an internet connection. This is where the “drop-in” office comes in handy.

The drop-in office is a common space, shared by you and others like you, that can be used to host meetings and most importantly, get work done. This is a concept that is completely new to me, and I like it. I was invited by a colleague, Irene Crosby, owner and founder of Target Insight Marketing Communications, to visit the newest such facility here in Ottawa. Creatively named FreedomCafe, it is a simple space that offers everything you could want in an office and meeting place. Simply put it has: a number of desks and chairs, a professional boardroom that seats up to 10 people comfortably, high-speed wireless internet, and the staple of any good office – a coffee machine.

For a reasonable (in my opinion) monthly fee you can make use of this space at your own convenience. A great spot to drop-in when you have some time between meetings, or to bring potential clients to wow them with your newest idea. It sure beats the computer room that you have set-up at home when it comes to hosting a meeting, let’s be honest.

This is the first drop-in office that I have ever visited, and I am a supporter of the concept all the way.

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Thank you for reading what I have to say today. Signing off, this is Adam Weitner.