Big Debts, Bigger Campaigns


Depending on the industry you’re in, your target audience, and a number of other factors, advertising can provide great return on investment. The automotive industry, for example, is one that truly benefits from its presence in both traditional and social media spaces. Without question.

However, when a company is billions of dollars in debt, and on the brink of bankruptcy, is an ad campaign a wise way to make use of company cash? And, even more so, a clearly pricey campaign at that?

I’m going to have to answer that question with a big NO!

Below is the latest and greatest in GM advertising. While I do like the ad, for several reasons, it is certainly overkill. Click the video to watch.


I agree with you GM, you have some serious re-branding to do. You do need to remind the public that you are a true American auto manufacturer. But you also need to regain people’s trust by building quality vehicles and standing by your warranties. Perhaps you could start doing this with a low-budget ad campaign. Maybe create a contest for third-year advertising or design students. They could do the work for you while gaining valuable experience – it would be a win win!

I do have faith in you GM. Do me proud, and please, spend the big bucks on your advertising, when you’re making the big bucks.