What is he up to?

Harper_devilHarper’s conservatives are fostering the private sale of Chalk River; Reactor division. Why? To balance the books and level out the budget. But could this not be just a quick fix, and cost us in the long run? Much like the sale of the 407 highway, it is my opinion that in the long run, we are much better off keeping our public / government owned assets. The sale of the 407 brought in instant cash, yes, but the money lost 25 years from now will be astronomical.

Harper’s government is also allowing $7 million in bonuses to go out to four top execs at CPP, despite heavy losses under those same execs’ watch.

What is he up to? Do you know? I personally have no clue, though I would like to know.

I think that he knows his only chance to get away with his dirty work is now. He knows that we have no clear choice for a leader, and is doing his darnedest to be sure that the image of what could be our next leader is all but shattered. So it makes sense to me that he feels he can get away with anything.

I only hope that his deceitfullness can be uncovered once and for all, and he can be overthrown by a vote of non-confidence.

What are your thoughts?

  • http://www.cassandrajowett.com Cassandra Jowett

    I think Stephen Harper is the kind of Prime Minister whose biggest mistakes won’t be known until he’s long gone. The truth is he hasn’t done as poorly as everyone (including myself) thought he would, but he just hasn’t done that much in general. He’s tried to keep almost everyone happy, which is impossible to do without doing virtually nothing. And, if his government does something people don’t like, such as the Chalk River sale or these CPP bonuses, he just says it’s not his fault and he can’t do anything about it.

    Sigh. Next please.

  • http://anthonymyerspr.wordpress.com anthonymyerspr

    Nice photoshop job. lol

    I agree Cassandra.

    He is tyrant, that uses his power to control his party and not do anything constructive.

    We need him out.

  • http://adamweitner.wordpress.com Adam Weitner

    You like my fancy “Paint” work on the image, Anthony? Thanks!

    Glad to see that I’m not alone in my feelings that we need Harper out. But I suppose it’s safe to say that we here are all Liberal supporters to begin with. If so, that makes us biased.

    Any Conservative supporters that want him out?