The sun rises to say "T.G.I.A.D."

The sun rises to say "T.G.I.A.D."

I listened to an interesting “blogtalkradio.com” show last night that had the potential to be life-altering. It was hosted by Elizabeth Alraune (Follow Elizabeth on Twitter) on her station “World of Perspective” – see webpage for station here. The show was about living your life everyday, and not falling slave to that TGIF kind of mentality.

Her featured guest was Ken Newman (Ken Newman’s webpage /follow Ken on Twitter) who is a film and stage actor, comedian, photographer, not to mention a million other things. Ken argues that people who live only for the weekend are only living a portion of their lives.  According to him, too many people are living 2/7 days per week. I did the math on this and if you were to live to 80, you would actually only have “lived” for 8,320 of your potential 29,200 days. Or, in other words, 22 of your 80 years!

Additionally, when you live only for the weekend, you set yourself up for a failing, miserable week ahead. Get the Monday blues? That’s because you’re living for the weekend!

This broadcast couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I’ve been nearly two months without a puff of a cigarette (smoked for 11 years), I’m weight training 5 days a week, and I’m going through a general life transition period. What better thing to add to the list of good happening in my life than an attitude like Ken’s?

That’s why my new motto is TGIAD – Thank God it’s Another Day! And I will live every day with this attitude. Life is simply too short to do it any other way. I mean, sure, I have bad days just like anybody else, but it’s how you take on a bad day that makes the difference. You can sit back and let it be a miserable day, and nothing will change. Or, you can decide that you’re going to take charge and turn things around. You DO have control of this!

Don’t be a slave to the TGIF mentality. Make every day as big as the last. Get out and do things. Make a difference at work, go the extra mile. Live every day like it was your last and stop waiting for Friday all the time. I say TGIAD, or in the words of Ken Newman, “TGIFA – Thank God I’m Freakin’ Alive!”

Just be glad you were blessed with another day…

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