Social media is always changing – embrace it

Evolution is a process that cannot be stopped!

Evolution is a process that cannot be stopped!

This post may come across as a bit of a rant… for that, I am apologizing in advance.

So, immediately after Facebook (FB) ported over their new site design last week, I began a counter to see how many of my nearly 400 “friends” would complain about it. The number that I came up with is somewhat amazing, in my opinion, however, it doesn’t surprise me. I have counted 52 people, of the friends that I saw (be it on the home page, on their profile page, or anywhere within FB), and can safely assume that I have missed many more complainers. I mean I can’t be on FB 24 / 7  to monitor it, so this was just counting whenever I happened to notice something like “Ugh, I hate the new FB, give me back the old one…”. Point being – there are A LOT of whiners on FB.

What struck me as odd, though, was the fact that many of these people have made mention to wanting the “old” FB back. As in the one that they just changed it over from. I guess these people have very short-lived memories, because the last time FB changed before this one, even more people complained about it. Now they have all gotten comfortable with that one, and so it must be the cat’s ass, right? No, there is always room for improvement, always.

I wonder if any of these whiners ever thought, even for a second, that maybe change is good? That it is possible that the brains behind the FB operation have a good insight in to the future of social media, and are just keeping a leading edge on things… Hmmm, I wonder.

Because the world of social media is a dynamic one, that is ever-changing, and at a rapid pace, it is my opinion that change is good. The best thing that we can do as users is embrace these changes. Instead of spending an hour creating a group based on how much you hate the new FB (meanwhile showing the world that you have little or no life), why don’t you dedicate that hour to figuring out the works of the new design? Before you know it you’re going to be whining and complaining that you want the current design back because it was the cat’s ass…

Anyways, long story short, within the world of social media lie the communication methods of the future, and anybody who plans to be around planet earth for a little while should be embracing it.

Thanks for reading.